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Rockwell Aero Commander 680

for x-plane flight simulator 9, 10 and 11

" Donnervogel " • The noisiest GA plane at it's time in Egelsbach (EDFE).

A conversion for aereal photo and remote sensing missions.

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The D-IDIH did just arrvive in Kenia near the Kilimanjaro after a several days of transfer flight from Germany.
Here at it's homebase Egelsbach (EDFE).
Look at the copilot's side window! It allowed direct downlook with a hand held camera. The X-Plane model has this feature too!

Rockwell's Aero Commander is considered to be one of the best and savest twin piston engine airplanes ever built, with outstanding one engine and no engine performance. It has even served as Air Force One for President Twight D. Eisenhower. - At it's time, the D-IDIH was the noisiest plane stationed in Egelsbach (EDFE) near Frankfurt (EDDF). Headsets were a must (in X-Plane, select the according sound option, or you won't hear ATC!).

We used this plane for photo missions mostly in Germany, Kenia and Nigeria. It had several modifications for this task including a belly whole for the camera and a right side window which allowed the Navigator - usually sitting on the Copilot's seat - a direct downlook. For economic reasons we had to sell the D-IDIH in the early 90s.

The daylight panel (above) and the new night panel (below) with MACIG Intergrated Cockpit (AP), Garmin and an interactive Clipboard for full compatibility with Goodway.

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Price: 8 EURO